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Mediation and arbitration

Mediation is a simple conflict resolution procedure de resolución de conflictos de carácter of a confidential nature based on the cooperation of the parties in the search for an agreement, essentially it is an opportunity for the parties to present their own solutions; participation in mediation is voluntary and the solution is not imposed.

It is a flexible way of resolving disagreements in which two or more parties are assisted by a third party: “the mediator” and, in which the parties work together to discuss their differences, create ideas to resolve and decide together what the solution will be.

Commercial Mediation


If you are looking for an efficient and economically profitable solution for your company or business, a quick alternative to traditional methods of resolving disputes and commercial conflicts, and find a solution without jeopardizing current or future relationships with the other party, preserving the total confidentiality of the parties involved, Mediation is what you are looking for.

The fundamental objective of business mediation is:

Reach an agreement to pacify the conflict that avoids or puts an end to a dispute between the affected parties, whether they are suppliers, customers, partners, competitors ... protecting present and future commercial relationships.

Family Mediation

Traditionally, it is talked about family mediation in the field of separations and / or divorces but this is useful in any conflict in which family interests are affected in the broad sense (disputes over inheritances, conflicts between relatives, etc.)

Through mediation, as a way of relating, we learn to take control of our own life and we will be the real protagonists in the search for solutions to our family conflicts, seeking the balanced satisfaction of all the interests at stake. It is ultimately a participatory justice.

Let us be the ones who resolve our differences and not a third party who neither knows us nor understands our feelings, therefore do not look to a judge for the only way to resolve our conflicts.

In family mediation, the feeling of "win or lose" disappears; if we are capable of reaching a balanced agreement for everyone, everyone “wins”.

How can we help you in family and business mediation?

As a lawyer for a party in the mediation process

We help and prepare our clients during the mediation process, to achieve their success, assisting them throughout the process in order to obtain the agreement that best suits their own interests.


We will prepare our client's strategy for Mediation, we will represent them or, where appropriate, we will attend during the sessions, we will draft the agreement and we will control that the capacity and form requirements are met, as well as the viability of compliance.

As mediators:

We can be appointed mediators. We will help resolve disputes in a neutral, objective and impartial manner so that the parties can reach a balanced agreement for all those involved.

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