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The content of civil law is made up of different matters such as personality (physical and legal), family, assets (obligations and contracts and non-contractual liability) and hereditary succession. We could say that it regulates the personality and the most common relationships of human coexistence, being one of the most important branches of our legal system since, within this matter, the private legal relationships that make up our day to day are regulated and that, without a shadow of a doubt, they have legal significance.

Our firm emphasizes preventive work in order to protect your interests by anticipating future problems, as well as giving legal advice in any type of litigation, seeking the best solution to any conflict,defending your interests in all types of lawsuits.


Our services include, among others:  


  • Drafting of contracts (sale, deposit, lease, exchange, donation, loan, deposit, guarantee, pledge, mandate ...)
  • Contracts related to the fulfillment of the obligation.
  • Property rights, of use and enjoyment, easements...
  • Communities of owners.
  • Joint ownerships, etc ...

Without a shadow of a doubt, the family problem, and essentially those that affect marriages or common-law couples, alter the necessary balance in our lives and are immersed in a context full of emotions. That is why, especially in these matters, we show listening and understanding in order to guide our clients to the best possible result. We understand that each family is different; We help to achieve the best solutions on a personal, patrimonial and child level.


It is necessary to have the proper advice even before getting married, since our legislation admits the possibility of establishing the pacts and agreements by means of marriage contracts for which that project of life in common must be governed, that is, determining the regime matrimonial property. Marriage agreements are made before a notary public and are included in a deed that must be registered in the Civil Registry and can be granted before or after the marriage.


Our law firm will advise you and provide legal support both before the celebration of the marriage and in the event of a marital conflict, advising, informing, representing and assisting you in all procedures. In case of separation or divorce, we always seek an amicable solution, but if this is not possible, we will determine the best strategy for our clients.


Our services include, among others:


  • Marriage contract.
  • Divorces, Separations and their consequences (alimony, visitation rights and accommodation, etc.). 
  • Liquidation of matrimonial property regime.
  • Administration of children's assets.
  • Adoption.
  • Judicial defender.
  • Civil efficacy of ecclesiastical resolutions.
  • Emancipation.
  • Parental filial measures.
  • Processes about capacity.
  • Affiliation processes.
  • Parental filial relationships.
  • Judicial incapacitation.
  • Non-marital cohabitation.




The agents involved in the inheritance are notaries, but also lawyers. Having the proper advice when planning your succession will avoid future problems that could even lead to the invalidity of the will, since wills must comply with the corresponding regulations.

Our inheritance system is based on Legitimacy, in the sense that the testator is not always free to leave his assets as he wants. The Legitimacy is translated into the obligation to leave something to the so-called forced heirs: descendants, ascendants and spouse, depending on the case, who cannot be deprived of their rights, except in cases of disinheritance or due to indignity.

If a will is not made, the law will determine who will be the heirs following a kinship order and, as a prior procedure, a declaration of heirs must be made before a notary public. This procedure involves, in the best of cases, a cost, at least three times higher than the granting of the will, so it is always convenient to grant it. mínimo, tres veces superior al otorgamiento del testamento, por lo que es siempre conveniente otorgar éste.


The problems in inheritance are very varied, therefore it is necessary to have expert legal advice and, before making a decision, to know all the legally existing options; to know questions related to how a will is drawn up, who has the capacity to inherit, how an inheritance can be accepted or renounced and its consequences, can the acceptance or resignation be revoked?, what is the inheritance in abeyance?, what is the Legitimacy?, how to partition the inheritance if there is a will or if there is no will?, what happens with the donations made by the parents to the children in life? ...


Our services include, among others:


  • Advice on the drafting of the will and verification of its validity.
  • Challenge of will.
  • Defense of the inheritance in case of conflict between the heirs.
  • Advice and procedures for acceptance and / or repudiation of the inheritance.
  • Claim or supplement of the Legitumacy.
  • Processing of inheritance taxes.
  • Negotiation between heirs.
  • Judicial procedure of inheritance division.
  • Obtaining literal certifications of inscriptions from the Civil Registry.

Administrative law is the branch of law that is responsible for the regulation of the Public Administration. Matters related to administrative law are usually linked to relations between citizens and the Public Administration and their services and organization.


Our services include, among others: 


  • Complementary settlements by checking values.
  • Administrative files.
  • Administrative appeals.
  • Sanctioning files.
  • Contentious-administrative procedures.
  • Contractual or extra-contractual responsibility of the Administration.


European citizens:

Citizens of the EU, a State part of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland who wish to reside in Spain for more than 3 months must request the Certificate of Registration of the European Union and, their relatives, the Card family member of a citizen of the Union.

Likewise, citizens of the Union and their family members may obtain the Certificate of Permanent Residence and the Permanent Residence Card of a relative of an EU citizen, respectively.

Non-European citizens:

For their part, non-EU citizens who wish to reside or work in Spain may obtain the following permits:

  • Stay PermitStay in Spain for a period not exceeding 90 days (except in the case of studies, non-work practices or volunteering).


  • Temporary residenceResidence in Spain without carrying out work activity.


  • Family reunificationtemporary residence that may be granted to relatives of foreigners residing in Spain, by virtue of the right to family reunification.


  • Residence and work:


  1. Employed: temporary residence and employment authorization requested by an employer or employer to hire a worker who is neither located nor resides in Spain.
  2. Self-employed: temporary residence and work authorization for a non-resident foreigner in Spain to carry out a lucrative activity on their own account..


  • Residence authorization for exceptional circumstancescases of labor, social or family roots, humanitarian reasons, minors under guardianship who reach the age of majority without authorization and authorizations for women victims of gender violence.


  • Temporary residence of the foreigner who has voluntarily returned to their country Residence or residence and work authorization that foreigners who have returned to their country of origin voluntarily or based on a voluntary return program.


  • Long-term residence: Authorizes to reside in Spain indefinitely and to work under the same conditions as Spaniards.




One of the most common ways to obtain Spanish nationality is by residence, which requires the person's residence in Spain for ten years legally, continuously and immediately prior to the request. However, there are cases in which the required period of residence is shorter:     


  • Five years for the granting of Spanish nationality to those people who have obtained refugee status


  • Two yearsfor nationals of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or people of Sephardic origin.


  • One year:


  • Whoever was born in Spain.
  • Anyone who did not properly exercise their right to acquire Spanish nationality by option.
  • Anyone who has been legally subject to guardianship (under the supervision of a guardian), custody or foster care of a Spanish citizen or institution for two consecutive years, even if they continue in this situation at the time of the application.
  • Anyone who, at the time of application, has been married to a Spanish citizen for a year and is not legally separated.
  • The widow of Spanish, if at the time of the death of the spouse they were not separated, in fact or judicially.
  • Those born outside Spain of a father or mother (also born outside of Spain), grandfather or grandmother, provided that all of them were originally Spanish.


Our services include, among others:


  • Residence and nationality.
  • Permit renewal.
  • Cancellation of criminal records.
  • Legalization of documents.
  • Certification of titles.
  • Obtaining the NIE, etc ..

We help you in all your procedures:

Our services include, among others:

  • Contracts.
  • Inheritances.
  • Wills.
  • Donations.
  • Tax settlement.
  • Criminal record.
  • Cancellation of criminal records.
  • Certificates of the Civil Registry, etc ..

Whether you are planning to buy, sell, or rent a property, we can guide you through every step of the process and help ensure a successful outcome. We are willing to listen to your needs, study the case carefully and in detail, keep you informed at all times, providing the necessary advice, defense and professional advice where necessary.


We will be in all phases of the process of buying and selling and / or renting properties.


Our services include, among others:


  • Buy and sell: We can help you throughout the process of buying and selling real estate and this includes an analysis of the legal situation of the property both in the Property Registry and at the municipal level, that is, before the town hall, verifying both the legality urban planning as the possible charges or encumbrances that may exist. We will prepare a purchase contract with a deposit, obtaining all the necessary documents for this purpose and we will assist you at the notary's office at the time of granting the deed until its registration in the Property Registry.


  • Property legalization:We can advise you on the possibility of legalizing or regularizing your property.


  • Leases: Our office will help you in your intention to rent, both from the perspective of the property and in the position of tenant, whether of homes or business premises, ensuring that you are legally protected.


  • Division of common thing: Sometimes, the properties belong to several owners who, for whatever reasons, do not want to continue sharing their property. Our firm will help you put an end to this situation by always seeking the best consensual solution and, in the event of opposition, defending your will in court.


  • Tax settlement: We will advise you on tax matters, in all the procedures that you must carry out in the real estate field.

Business Law is a branch of Law that is aimed at the entrepreneur, his legal status and the activity he carries out in the market.

Our firm emphasizes preventive work in order to protect your interests by anticipating future problems, as well as giving legal advice in any type of litigation, seeking the best solution to any conflict.


Our services include, among others:


  • Advice on the incorporation of companies.
  • Drafting and / or reform of the Bylaws.
  • Drafting of shareholder agreements.
  • Transfer of social participations or shares.
  • Negotiation, analysis and preparation of commercial contracts (commission, agency, distribution ...).
  • Legal defense of trademark rights and other distinctive signs of the company.

(Law 14/2013, of September 27): if you are a non-EU citizen and are interested in obtaining Spanish residence as an investor or entrepreneur, we assist you throughout the process, taking care of the entire procedure so that you don't have to worry about anything.




Non-EU foreigners who make a significant capital investment in:


  1. Financial assets, making an initial investment for a value equal to or greater than:
    • Two million euros in Spanish public debt securities, or
    • One million euros in shares of Spanish capital companies with a real business activity, or
    • One million euros in investment funds, closed-end investment funds or venture capital funds incorporated in Spain, included within the scope of Law 35/2003, of November 4, on Collective Investment Institutions, or Law 22/2014, of November 12, which regulates venture capital entities, other closed-ended collective investment entities, and I know that Law 35/2003, of November 4, is modified.
    • One million euros in bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.
  2. Acquisition of real estate in Spain with an investment of value or more than 500,000 euros for each applicant.
  3. Business project that is going to be developed in Spain and that is considered and accredited as being of general interest, for which compliance with at least one of the following conditions will be assessed:
    • Creation of jobs.
    • Making an investment with a significant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the activity is to be carried out.
    • Relevant contribution to scientific and / or technological innovation.


Types of permits:


  • Visa:
    • When the applicant is outside of Spain, he will obtain a permit to, if he wishes, reside and work throughout the national territory.
    • The term of the permit is 1 year, except for the acquisition of real estate through a deposit contract, which is 6 months.
    • After the year, you must apply for a residence permit.
    • Once the deposit contract is formalized, you must apply for the visa or residence authorization.


  • Residence authorization: When the applicant is legally in Spain, he will obtain a 2-year permit to, if he wishes, reside and work throughout the national territory.




Foreign non-residents in the EU who are going to carry out the previous procedures to be able to develop an entrepreneurial activity or to start, develop or direct an economic activity as an entrepreneur in Spain can request a visa or residence authorization.


Types of permits:


  • Visa: When the applicant is outside of Spain, he will obtain a 1-year permit to reside and work throughout the national territory.
  • Residence authorization: When the applicant is legally in Spain, he will obtain a 2-year permit to reside and work throughout the national territory.


Family members may also request, jointly or successively, said visa or authorization, which will allow them to work and reside in Spain.


Our services include:


  • Processing of residence as an entrepreneur.
  • Processing of residence as an investor.
  • Permit renewal.

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