Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We are an office with corporate volunteering open to society.

In our firm we are dedicated to the practice of law and other alternative means of conflict resolution; We do so by always complying with the law, ethical standards and our Code of Ethics, a guarantee of the best service to our clients, who we listen to in their needs, guiding them to satisfy their interests and offering them services that are adjusted to what they really need.

We are aware that the maximum demand and quality of our work is only possible by integrating efficiency and honesty in dealing with our clients; Confidentiality and secrecy is a fundamental principle for our team, which acts with the greatest diligence and discretion possible in providing the service.

Additionally, we understand that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) must be present in our company, coming to the fore, as a characteristic element in our day-to-day culture and the result of our commitment to society; For this we carry out activities in a disinterested and altruistic way, of which we do not expect to obtain anything in return, despite the fact that they have very positive effects for society and that these activities are a cost for our company.

We carry out social actions through corporate volunteering, participating in events and solidarity actions. Thus, we collaborate, without any type of paid position, with:

Rotary, para saber más accede a través de este enlace

Actualmente Maria Jose Carrillo desde el 25 de junio de 2020, es la presidenta de Rotary Club Cartagena

Through this Rotary Club, our law firm represented by Maria José, actively participates in humanitarian activities developed in our closest environment, but also developing projects at an international level.